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Monday, July 12, 2010

Nutmeg the Kittynapper

Well, it's a new season for feral kittens and so far, I have rescued 4 feral kittens and a young pregnant feral cat we call Nutmeg. She looks ready to have kittens almost any day now.

The momma to the feral kittens is very skinny and doesn't have enough milk to feed her babies. I have been trying to feed her and put some weight on her, but she doesn't have much of an appetite and is not gaining any weight. I was prepared to feed her babies with a bottle and kitten milk that I bought, but this weekend something amazing happened.

Nutmeg stole the kitties and started feeding them, just like they were her own! Every time I took them away and put them back in their bedding area, she came and took them again. Finally, I gave up and let her keep them in the area that I had made for her kittens.

She will not leave the babies except to eat and to use the litter box, then she is right back to her adopted kittens. My only concern for the kittens that she adopted is that I wonder how she will handle giving birth to her own kittens while taking care of these, because she does not want to leave them. That part still remains to be seen, at least for a few more days.

Normally the first litter of a young kitten consists of only has 2 or 3 kittens. Hopefully she will be normal in that respect and will still be able to take care of her own kittens, as well as the ones she has adopted.

There is another amazing thing about the adoptive mommy. She is also rare because 99% of all yellow tabbies are male. The feral kitty we call Nutmeg is truly amazing and will probably win the Dogpatch "Medal of Honor" this year for the most outstanding feral cat.

Watch for pictures and stories of Nutmeg's kittens on the website we call My Dogpatch.

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