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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

My DogPatch is a website for our animal rescue mission.

A Twitterer and Internet Enthusiast, I'm here to blog about the new website for our dog and cat rescue mission we call My DogPatch. Someone told me that I should blog about something that I was passionate about.

Other than my family, I am passionate about dogs and cats and doing whatever I can to fight animal cruelty, and to promote adopting from an animal shelter. That is why my first website and blog are about my personal animal rescue mission, that we call My DogPatch.

I've always loved dogs, but have only been in love with cats for the last 18 years. I live in the country with my husband and soulmate of 18 years.

Together we have 6 dogs and 10 cats, and most of them are rescues,or offspring of rescues.

People abandon their pregnant cats near us quite often. We hand-raise their offspring to control the feral cat population and then the kittens are re-homed.

Photobucket My DogPatch's mascot is my puppy Buckwheat, a Great Pyrenees/Lab mix. If you are familiar with Pyrenees, you know why we are partial to them. Regardless, you are sure to enjoy the Feature Story at My DogPatch about Buckwheat's dad Buckshot, a Great Pyrenees that returned home after being gone for 8 months.

I always have heartwarming stories to write about and cute photos to share, so there won't be a shortage of things for me to blog about.

1 comment:

  1. Buckwheat is so beautiful and oh those adorable kittens! I admire that you rescue these sweet fur people. Bless you! I'm going to enjoy coming back to read your posts.


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